TD-Series desiccant dryers

Thoreson McCosh has been a leader in providing low-maintenance material handling systems since 1947. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest drying, blending and conveying equipment possible. Since we manufacture nearly 40 different types and sizes of efficient, cost-effective dryers, you’re certain to
find the system that best suits your specific drying needs and requirements.


  • Heat energy recovered from the
    regeneration cycle is reclaimed and re-introduced into the process air-stream for increased energy efficiency.


Desiccant Air Dryers

When it comes to industrial operations, water vapor within compressed air equipment can lead to daunting consequences. These can include premature failure, frozen airlines, quality control problems, as well as corrosion.

At Thoreson McCosh, we supply a variety of Desiccant Air Dryers for Compressed Air that aim to purify the compressed air by means of absorbing all the moisture from it. These systems make a tremendous difference in industrial operations where diligent quality control is necessary. Thoreson McCosh has been a leading supplier of Desiccant Air Dryer Products and continuously assists clients with Heated Desiccant Dryers.

These systems use Pressure Swing Adsorption technology (PSA); our Desiccant Dryer Filter, and Thermal Desiccant Dryers are produced and manufactured to offer ultimate efficiency. This allows for lower velocity air traveling through the desiccant for optimal drying and significant internal air passages to eliminate pressure drops.

Thoreson McCosh prides itself on being a leader in the Desiccant Compressed Air Dryer industry since 1947, which gives us decades of experience in dealing with the most comprehensive material handling solutions. We have an experienced team of engineers and technicians dedicated to offering clients state-of-the-art drying, blending, and conveying equipment.

As one of the leading Hopper Dryers Manufacturers, we manufacture more than 40 different types and sizes of efficient, cost-effective dryers to streamline your plant processes and procedures. With the broad range of equipment available, you’ll be guaranteed that we can assist in improving your plant productivity and operations.

TD-Series Desiccant Dryers Operating Principles


Desiccant In line Air Dryers are used to desiccate or remove free water from a flow of drying air. Desiccating the air, desiccant dehumidifiers must operate at high temperatures and pressures (typically 30-40 bar) and therefore require higher input energy than other desiccants such as molecular sieves to be conducted at ambient pressure and moderate temperatures (10 to 20°C). Thus, for applications requiring high desiccation efficiency in a compact unit with a low cost of operation, Desiccant Air Dryers offer the best solution.

The principle behind Desiccant Type Dryers is adhesion: when water molecules adhere to the desiccant material, they lose their mobility and thus cannot migrate into the desiccant material. This causes desiccant materials such as calcium chloride, molecular sieves, and silica gel to have extremely high absorption capacities for water.

These desiccants are desiccated with power-free air by an active heat source. The desiccant has a significant affinity to the water molecules adsorbed on its surface, causing it to give up its moisture at relatively low temperatures when exposed to dehumidifying airflow. In desiccant air dryers, there is at least one desiccation chamber where desiccation occurs so that the desiccants can be reused and the process energy requirements are kept within reasonable limits. Desiccation processes need, of course, either heating or cooling.

Our desiccant air dryers, however, don’t just offer solutions for both industrial and commercial applications. They provide options for a wide range of uses throughout homes as well! In fact, they can be incorporated into humidifiers and dehumidifiers as part of whole-house humidity control systems. This kind of setup is important because it provides homeowners with a convenient way to control indoor humidity levels, which is an essential factor in protecting the health of those who live in the home.



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