MK-series VacuuM PuMP units

The MK-Series Vacuum Pump Units have been engineered to vacuum convey various types of thermoplastic resin materials plant wide, with; small, medium or large capacity transfer rates. The floor mounted vacuum power unit is available in any volt-age, 3 phase, 50 or 60 Hertz current. The Vacuum Power Units are supplied with positive displacement vacuum blowers and T.E.F.C. motors. The unit comes complete with separate vacuum and pressure relief valves and the entire unit is enclosed to protect plant personnel which also extends the motor and blower life


MK-series VacuuM PuMP sound enclosures

  • Positive Displacement Vacuum Power Unit Sound Enclosures
  • Heavy Duty Design with Removable Noise Reduction Access Panels
  • Automatically ActivatedSound Enclosure CoolingFan
  • Exhaust Air Discharge Vent with baffle
  • Vacuum Air Intake Gauge
  • Easy to Use and Simple to Install
  • Flush Mounted MotorStarter Box with Communication Port

Vacuum POWER Sound Enclosures

One of the most common and bothersome sounds in a manufacturing environment is that of vacuum pumps. Vacuum pumps produce noise levels that are usually over 85 dB(A), with some units reaching as high as 95-97 dB(A). However, the sound levels from these devices can be reduced by using specially designed Vacuum Power Sound Enclosures that isolate the pump from its surroundings. Unlike traditional methods such as silencers, these Vacuum Pump Noise Enclosures reduce the noise level without compromising performance or efficiency.

What is the sound level of the equipment currently?

When referring to a vacuum pump, it will be one of three levels: 85 dB(A), 95-97 dB(A), or 100+ DB. In addition to enclosures that isolate the pump from its surroundings, Vacuum Pump Filters remove low-frequency vibration sounds before reaching potential employees in other parts of the plant with relative ease. With both methods combined, manufacturers had created an environment where less than 55dB(A) background noise exists during operation hours – much quieter than what was available when this technology first came out in the late 1980s.

How much noise reduction do I need to reach my goal?

The amount of noise reduction you need will depend on your current levels and desired goal. This depends on where the pump is located, how many pumps are in operation at once, and the desired sound level for a well-balanced environment. We would then be able to recommend an enclosure that can reduce this particular sound with ease. By reducing noise, you offer employees a much better and safer work environment for years to come.

What size vacuum pump enclosures do I need?

This varies depending upon several factors: Firstly, the room dimensions determine whether or not it can handle a large Vacuum Pump Noise Enclosures with enough space left over for other equipment – How much volume needs to be contained within the unit when closed (if any). If there are multiple vacuum pumps present or if they all have their enclosures. The desired noise level of the chamber at which it will operate varies according to these aspects.

How much airflow is needed to cool the vacuum pump and motor?

The amount of airflow needed to cool the vacuum pump and motor will depend on several factors: The enclosure’s length, width, and height. How much volume needs to be contained within the unit when closed. If there are multiple vacuum pumps present or if they all have their separate enclosures. The desired noise level of the enclosure at which it will operate also needs to be determined. It is typically recommended that an average-sized pump should not exceed two cubic feet per minute (CFM) to avoid overheating.

These are just a few factors that determine what size of enclosure might be needed for your particular situation, but we would like to hear more from you to recommend precisely what is best for your needs. Please feel free to contact us as a Vacuum Pump Filter Manufacturer with any additional questions or concerns in order to streamline finding the right vacuum pump sound reduction solution for you!



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